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New album postcards

Free download or buy the limited edition CD including paperback book of original short stories.

Postcard (Official Video) by Sugardrum

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Short story book, For You I Hide this, now available on Kindle

Nov 12, 2016

The book of short stories I wrote to accompany my album Postcards is now available on the Amazon Kindle store. It's free if you're a Kindle Unlimited member or just £2.45 if you're not. I decided to change the name of the book from the limited edition print version.

New Poppies video

Nov 11, 2016

I've just uploaded a new video for my song Poppies that I made earlier in the week. The song features on my current album, Postcards and confused one reviewer who thought it was just about being lonely.

Summer festival news

Jul 12, 2016

I meant to write a blog post a couple of months ago about taking a little break from things before becoming a Dad, but I've been too busy to write anything until now. Moving house also added to the extra busyness. I have just found a brief moment of time at 1:54am so here goes.

New short story book to go with the Postcards album

Apr 24, 2016

I've written a book of short stories called Postcard Stories to accompany my new album, Postcards, with each story being about a song from the album. It's 90 pages long and there are limited edition print copies available free with the album, or the album is free with the book, whichever you prefer.

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