time flies like food from a tripped up waiter

Jun 3, 2008

Oops! just realised I haven’t updated my blog in 7 and a half months! You turn your back to do some washing up and make a sandwich and next you know over half a year has passed, there’s a new mayor and winter is just a distant snowy memory.

It seems like only yesterday that I was babbling on about the Amnesty Festival, cheese, house gigs and the future of the bic biro in modern society.

During that time many things have happened in the world of sugardrum - new band members, new songs, a new band that I’ve joined, new homes, new jobs etc...

house gigs and cheese

Oct 15, 2007

So, the Amnesty Festival is over for another year, over £3000 was raised for Amnesty International and it was a huge success due to the combined effort of everyone involved.

One of my most favourite moments was the wupadupa house gig. This wasn’t really advertised at all as it wasn’t raising any money for Amnesty International and there was a limit as to how many people we could cram into our living room. Betty and I did a set, followed by the lovely ladies from My Electric Cardigan, then Jono McCleery and his mate who turned up to our house with a Double Bass which Jono jammed on on a couple of my tunes, then finally Ted Humphries rounded off the evening.


Jul 18, 2007

Solidsilence have a recording of "no more said" from a solo gig I did at the Small World Festival way back in May.

It was recorded using a pair of magical in ear microphones / headphones... er let's call them "headiclymirophonical sound wotsits", that allow the wearer to capture the whole atmosphere of the venue whilst still enjoying the performance going on.

London to Brighton Bike Ride

Jun 16, 2007

I'm taking part in the Londodn to Brighton Bike ride tomorrow. If you feel the urge to sponsor me, however small that urge might be then don't fight that urge as it's probably a nice friendly urge but instead, go along with it, following it's happy glow to the following website where your urge and you can site down together and donate some money. You and your urge can them site down and relax with a nice cup of tea and a jam scone.

flared logic

Apr 4, 2007

Went to one of the Teenage Cancer trust gigs at the Albert Hall last week. It was the one with Noel Fielding from the mighty Boosh and Russell Brand hosting an evening of comedians doing their thang. People say that musicians are brave getting up on stage performing in front of an audience but I reckon Comedians are far braver.

moulding his left arm into a makeshift ear plug...

Jan 15, 2007

t's funny how we sometimes find ourselves unable for whatever reason of telling someone that what they are doing is affecting us in some way, for better or worse.

There's a man in my street who delivers newspapers every morning in his estate car, driving from house to house, leaving the engine running as he gets out and carries a single newspaper to a house, before getting back in the car and driving a few yards to the next house. I want to say something, ask him has he considered the craziness of what he's doing. But something always stops me.. usually because I'm late for work... but I also wonder that maybe there's some logical reason, apart from sheer laziness and disregard for the environment, for what he's doing. Some logic behind this madness... and by the time I've finished wondering this I've already walked past him and beyond the point of being able to say something without missing my train.

windows too cool to see through...

Oct 16, 2006

Just got back from Marthas gig. Pretty amazing it was too.

The toilets at the Scala were a bit strange. Upon opening the door to the corridor leading to them you are immediately blinded loads of incredibly bright UV lighting. Felt a bit like a cross between a David Lynch movie and a Kebab shop.

Got a lift back in the tour bus which was nice, although it took us a while to realise that people weren't waving back at us as they couldn't see us waving at them through the stylish blacked-out windows . ;)

wake up! please...

Oct 3, 2006

I noticed something about my old alarm clock this morning. It's not very friendly.

I've had it since I was about 10 years old, it's one of those old digital ones with a wood style plastic covering and bright red digital lettering and a few brown buttons adorning the top. I usually use my mobile as an alarm clock, then the old brown digital thing goes off a few minutes later as a back up. This morning the mobile started doing it's sweet chirping sound as if to say "here's a nice gentle sound to lull you from your sleep, now please wake up". The chirping gradually gets louder and louder but remains quite pleasant, even if it does get extremely loud after 30secs or so.

new ep for £1

Aug 20, 2006

we have a new ep for sale. it costs just one whole shiny pound coin and is only available at gigs for the moment until I get around to adding it to the wupadupa shop.

tracks on the ep are,
rainglow, 1 of 1, aunt agony and easily pleased.

Beth and I will be playing at the Small World Festy down in Headcorn, Kent this coming weekend so maybe see some of you there!


wurly, wurly wurly...

Mar 16, 2006

my housemate has recently purchased an old Wurlizter electric piano. It's very old and lovely and sounds much like the old and lovely Rhodes piano we used on the recording of sleep talk.

I like it when my housemates buy nice things as it means I get a chance to use the nice things ;)

train of thought...

Mar 12, 2006

so, Boy meets a nice Girl on the train. Boy and Girl have a nice chat about music, festivals, people getting married too young, blue's gigs etc. Girl is into photography and would like to get involved with doing album covers. Boy suggests Girl get's involved with the whole wupadupa thing as it would be nice to have some non-music artists involved with that. Boy sort of arranges to meet up with Girl sometime.

friends reunited

Dec 8, 2005

Just finished a new song about the whole Friend's Reunited thing. I didn't really get on with most of the people from my school days and the last thing I'd want to do is get back in touch with them ;) Also, been thinking alot about how people create these whole persona's for themselves on the internet and then just live their lives behind these fake persona's in a fake reality.

new ep

Sep 1, 2005

we have a new ep for sale. It's called the Candid Grandma EP and features the following tracks...

1. candid grandma
2. limbo
3. motorway song
4. absence of friends
5. no more said
6. sleeptalk

plus a few other gems hidden away somewhere which are making some people call this an album ;)

It costs a fiver and is only available at gigs or if you happen to bump into one of us in the street and we have a CD on us...and you have a fiver.

new ep at small world festy

Aug 22, 2005

well, if all goes to plan there might be a sugardrum EP for sale at the Small World August festy...

but plans have been known to go a bit astray from time to time....

new tunes on listen page

Aug 10, 2005

just uploaded some new tunes to the listen page. There's a couple of new solo demos recorded at the weekend plus a couple of mixes from our forthcoming album due to be released er....soon ish... honest guv....