things to do on 5th May...

May 12, 2005

For our gig on May 5th that got cancelled I'd designed a silly flyer about things to do on May 5th. As the chances of ever getting to use the flyer again are now rather remote unless by fluke chance we can get to play the same venue again on the same day next year I thought I'd post the content of the flyer, which originally was on a nice and scruffy hand written note, phtocopied several times.

mp3s... going... going...

May 11, 2005

hi folks,
we're hopefully gonna have some new mp3's to add to the site soon so I've removed a couple of the old ones for now.

a love poem for Whoopee Goldberg ;)

Mar 16, 2005

hi folks,
still busy recording - motorway song, limbo and new songs absence of friends and hut33 nearly finished. The Rhodes piano we have borrowed/stolen from Weston Green is probably one of the most loveliest and most inspirational instruments I have ever played on. We're hoping to go for a mixture of old and new songs on the album - if there's any that you particularly want to see on there then let us know.

here's another random piece of fiction from yours truly written for a competition to win a friend a giant whoopee cushion where the only criteria was to write a love poem for Whoopee Goldberg ;)

sucked her false teeth with old age desire...

Feb 24, 2005

hi folks,
welcome to the new blog diary thingy and the new sugardrum site.

Things probably look a bit quiet in the world of sugardrum at the mo', especially on the gig front. We are frantically busy recording tracks for our debut album which doesn't leave much time for much else.