For our gig on May 5th that got cancelled I'd designed a silly flyer about things to do on May 5th. As the chances of ever getting to use the flyer again are now rather remote unless by fluke chance we can get to play the same venue again on the same day next year I thought I'd post the content of the flyer, which originally was on a nice and scruffy hand written note, phtocopied several times.

"things to do on May 5th"
1. do washing
2. vote in general ellection
3. learn to spell election
4. put washing out
5. goto sugardrum gig at The Electroacoustic Club Bear on the Square, 2 St.Johns Square, off Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 4DE
6. watch results of general election on telly when home from gig.
7. learn to love the process of elimination
8. get washing in

If anyone would like a copy of the flyer I still have several 100 or so lying around, waiting to be turned to compost ;)