Below are some press and fan reviews of Sugardrum recordings and performances.

Press reviews

“Fans of Nick Drake will love this… He has that feel and tone that Drake used major/minor chord progressions to create and he also transforms it into something all the more beautiful with delicate moving harmonies.” – Folk Radio

“His palette is coloured by touches of electronics, cello, bass and some backing vocals, and his melodies have a shining-light quality to them that would illuminate any room.” – The Crack Magazine

“From the whispered wonder of ‘Under the Stairs’ to the finally acoustic springs of chipper sounds of album closer ‘True Nature of Cats’, Nigel manages to instil a pure, and relatively unadulterated sense of calm and joy…. It’s lead single ‘Choccy Rolls’ that shines as the standout anthem; a heartfelt account of watching a loved one lose words and memories as they succumb to dementia.” – Anthem Review

“His latest EP 3 Penny Postcards is almost impossible to list to without wishing it was at least twice the length it is. His reserved style calls to mind Nick Drake and his deft handling of subjects rarely covered in pop music (dementia, anyone?) should be a challenge to all other singer songwriters to raise their game.” – Appolo Has Landed print magazine

“Hauntingly beautiful” – Kelly Kademian, Riff Raf

“Poetic, picturesque narrative-intense songs.” – Dan Holland, Folk Words

“From a deft touch on the acoustic guitar, a certain gift for melody and a distinctive voice this EP is the taster that should attract people to the album.” – Dan Holland, Folk Words

“Sugardrum reminds of some other high quality folk acts like Badly Drawn Boy and Sufjan Stevens.” – Philip Friedman, Intentional Independent Inspirational

“…anyone who can find and control the ringing, fragile suspensions of Nick Drake’s brittle branch of the singer-songwriter folkstream in the bawd and blare of Sinatra’s famous paean to the city that never sleeps certainly bears watching.” – Joshua Farber, Cover Lay Down

“…single voices, harmonies, subtle instrumentation all help create and EP that has a very natural rhythm that feels as much a narrative as the poetic composition of the lyrics.” – FATEA

“Folkie festival faves” – Time Out

“The gentle instrumentation with mellow vocals does this EP wonders at driving you to a snapshot of a nostalgic Sunday afternoon under autumn trees, just the way we like to folk.” – Musicgleaner


Fan feedback

“I saw you playing in the forest at End Of The Road, you were quite simply the best act of the weekend, in my eyes.”

“Your music really is quite special.”

“Simply stunning”

“Genius! Yet another beautiful tune from sugardrum. And what a cute little balloon! I love it when he floats off into the azure, so lovely”

“I love this video. Genius! And the songs great too!”

“My absolute favourite cover of this song and a really magical video too! Well done Sugardrum!”

“Great video, great vocals, great version of a cracking song.”

“Very nice video, fits the mood of the song perfectly”