"Fans of Nick Drake will love this" - Folk Radio
"Hauntingly beautiful" - Riff Raff
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New album: Postcards

“From the whispered wonder of ‘Under the Stairs’ to the finally acoustic springs of chipper sounds of album closer ‘True Nature of Cats’, Nigel manages to instil a pure, and relatively unadulterated sense of calm and joy…. It’s lead single ‘Choccy Rolls’ that shines as the standout anthem; a heartfelt account of watching a loved one lose words and memories as they succumb to dementia.” – Anthem Review

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The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out - Acoustic Cover by Sugardrum.

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End of the Road and other festivals

Jan 9, 2018

Festivals. Last year I didn't apply for any as I had become a Dad the year before. I ended up playing just the one - Tribal Earth down in Sussex, which a friend of mine helps organise and which the family came to.

Farewell little car from Motorway Song

Nov 14, 2017

A few years ago I wrote a song called motorway song. It was initially written about a car I used to have, a Fiat Panda. It only had four gears so going anywhere long distance was a noisy experience. You felt like you were travelling at 110mph when in fact you were just doing 50mph.

New video - Postcard live and unplugged

Oct 11, 2017

I'm not really one to enter competitions. I think the last time I won something was many years ago whilst working at a bookshop. I did a book display for some law books called Nutshells where we filled the window with loads of old monkey nut shells suspended in celophane. The display got entered into a competition and won first prize, for which I received an mp3 player.

Gig update

Oct 5, 2017

I have some new live videos I’ll be adding to the site soon. One is of my song Postcard, the others are from some recent gigs. I don’t have any new gigs booked in the diary though, for reasons explained below.

BBC 6music and other unexpected things

Apr 9, 2017

Things have been a bit quiet on the music front in my life recently while I've been busy being a Dad, doing the day job and training to run the London Marathon. I am however, finding more time to work on some of the song ideas I've been writing in the odd moment over the past few months and am excited over the prospect of new songs on the horizon.

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