Went to one of the Teenage Cancer trust gigs at the Albert Hall last week. It was the one with Noel Fielding from the mighty Boosh and Russell Brand hosting an evening of comedians doing their thang. People say that musicians are brave getting up on stage performing in front of an audience but I reckon Comedians are far braver.

Russell Brand did a funny skit about the options available to drug addicts when going on holiday as to where they can hide their drugs. Maybe he should have done one on how to smuggle a drink one has just purchased at the Royal Albert Hall bar in the interval after queuing throughout all of said interval and finally getting a drink minutes before the announcement that the second half is about to start only to find that one is then not allowed to take said drink back to ones seat in the rather splendid looking Albert Hall. Ok, I'll admit I didn't spend all of the interval queuing, rather my mate Andy did and I went out to see how he was getting on towards the end of the interval.

Faced with the option of downing our drinks in one, which I did consider, or somehow hiding said drinks upon our person and not wanting to see how far the drinks would go up our arses as recommended by Russell in his drugs skit I soon discovered that my flared jeans made the perfect hiding place and my socks the perfect reciprocal to tuck both cans into. I can envision a whole new beautiful trend about to begin with hippies everywhere smuggling all sorts of bizarre items beneath their oversized trouser bottoms.

and for me... well, no more embarrassing moments next time I'm at the pub and need to carry a round of 5 drinks back from the bar. ;)