Thank you to all those who came to see me and Matt play at Glastonbury last weekend. I had a great time and ended up doing around 7 gigs altogether, a couple on my own but mostly with the amazing Matt Kelly.

Thank you also to the equally  amazing Matt Tweed who did some great bazouki playing with me at my 4.30am gig on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and did sterling work getting the cafe to keep us fuelled with Brandy Hot Chocolates :)

All the free promo CDs went within the first 2 days... must take more next time.

The BBC decided to film me whilst sitting in the permaculture garden in the Greenfields eating my breakfast which was a bit strange. I'm not sure they'll use the footage as I had a rather puzzled look on my face at the time whilst questioning the vegetarian status of the sausage from said breakfast :)

For those wondering, it was vegetarian.