I was lucky enough to perform at Wildheart Gathering at the beginning of this month. It's a truly beautiful festival set amongst the most amazing grounds with lots of woods and fields nearby. Whilst there I took the opportunity to go for a wander with my guitar. I nervously crossed a field full of cows, keep a wide berth from them as I made my way to the woods on the other side of the field. The cows got bored of looking at me by the time I had past them and went back to eating their breakfast. In the woods, I set up my little camera and recorded a couple of videos.

First, Postcard...


Then Motorway Song. There's something really nice about recording a song outside as you get this lovely background accompaniment of birds singing, the wind blowing through the trees and the occasional plane flying overhead :) People pay alot of money to get these kind of effects in a studio! It all seemed to go so well with the natural shape of the songs too.


It was at this point that I looked around and noticed that the cows from the field next door had seemingly followed me and were wandering around in the little bit of the woods I was in! So, I made a hasty but dignified exit and ventured further into the woods, away from the cows to record a couple more songs.

Under the stairs... ( I look around towards the end of this video to see if the cows have followed me! - they hadn't)


and finally, Hiding in the Garden, which seemed rather appropriate :) This has a great bit in the middle where a plane passes overhead during the instrumental bit, perfectly timed!

I think the cows did me a favour as these last two videos have so much more atmosphere provided by the surroundings on them.

Altogether a lovely way to spend a morning and I hope to go back there again and do some more next time.

There's some more live videos from various gigs and adventures on the Sugardrum video page.