I love the BBC, bless them they've only gone and played one of my tunes on their lovely network again, yay! This time it's Tom Robinson's mixtape show. In the early hours of this morning he played Dancers in a Painting - a song from last year's EP "Where Once Were Roads" about a painting that comes alive with moving images of all the things and people you love and care for most dancing around inside.

You can hear the show at the following link on the BBC website:


or download the whole show at:


and find out a bit about all the bands featured in the show at:


My song starts at 38:41 although you should listen to the whole show as there are lots of other great tunes on there.

I had a bit of a panic at the weekend when I realised I didn't have any decent photographs to give the BBC for my profile page. Luckily my housemate kindly volunteered to do a quick photoshoot before my gig on Saturday. Numerous photos were taken around the house in various poses, but my favourite was the following one taken in our garage, with a sort of Where's Wally styled theme of see how many musical instruments in the background you can spot.

Sugardrum photo

Update Sunday, 23 June 2013: Tom  played me on his Saturday evneing show last night. You can find out more and listen again by following the links on my BBC profile page.