I've done a few gigs since playing Edinburgh and Glastonbury Festivals, but not had the time to upload any of the videos or photos taken at them. Now my gigs for this year are all done I've got the time to catch up on sorting out gig photos, videos, writing songs and blog posts.

11th Nov - Kingston Environment Centre

I started running a regular Wupadupa intimate music night at the Kingston Environment Centre earlier in the year. The gigs are all broadcast live on Kingston Green Radio and have been mostly every other month apart from the most recent one. This was on Armistice Day, 11th November so fittingly all the acts did one or more songs as tribute to the occasion. I played my anti-war song Poppies which I still need to do a studio recording of, plus a new song called Bell Tree. Here's a video of Bell Tree from the night and the words...


Bell Tree
There are just eight roots on this tree,
stretching to greet the sea as she flows,
and as each wave, touches the land,
the root that it falls upon makes a beautiful sound.

But the sound brings danger to this land;
the path of explorers, followed by man.
In boats, they travelled across the sea,
hoping to take this tree for themselves.

Well each man argued the tree was theirs,
that they were the rightful heir to this sound,
and soon their words, turned into guns.
The path of the warrior, the way they knew best.

Well as the sea, slowly turned red,
the songs from the tree grew sadder in tone
and songs of sadness, filled the air
and those who remained, they saw what they’d done.

26th Oct - Ram Jam Club

Here are a couple of photos from the fundraising gig I did at the Ram Jam Club in Kingston. I was fortunate to have Matt and Beth perform with me. Matt was supposed to play bass and cajon but there were problems with the PA and we only had limited time to set up and soundcheck so he played just the cajon instead. I'm always amazed at how quickly sound engineers manage to get the sound ready when you don't have any time for proper soundchecks.

Sugardrum at the Ram Jam club in Kingston

Sugardrum at the Ram Jam club in Kingston

Oh, and I also ended up doing a short set at a venue in Scotland last weekend whilst away on holiday. We went to a pub with an open mic where I was invited to play so I borrowed a guitar a did a few songs. Was much fun.

Sugardrum at Scotland open mic