I’ve been busy working on a selection of remixes of my song, Forgotten. There’s going to be a new EP of them coming out towards the end of July. In the meantime here’s a preview of one of the remixes. It’s called Forgotten (Sunshine Juno mix) and is named in honour of my very old Juno Synth which was used for the bass and pad sounds on this before it got poorly and stopped making bass and pad sounds quite so well.

Feel free to download the song for free using the link on Soundcloud below.

The video was made up of footage I filmed on an old digital camera at various different locations including a trail run through Richmond Park in Surrey, a walk in the woods at Wildheart Gathering and a beach and cobbled path walk to St Michael's Mount in Cornwall. The footage of the big wheel was filmed at a water mill in the Lake District. It's sort of a mash up of various beautiful parts of the British Isles.