I’ve made another new Christmas video - my acoustic cover of the Wham! classic Last Christmas with the original video recreated as a play performed by a cast of Lego characters.

I borrowed a tin of Lego from my nephews and realised I didn’t have enough characters to recreate the people in the original video exactly so I just made sure I had a couple of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley look-alikes and someone to play their girlfriends and then supplemented the rest of the cast using some Lego Star wars and other random characters.

One of the Lego characters was holding a red ruby which I used instead of the brooch in the original video. The keen eyed among you will be able to spot the mini AT-AT from the Empire Strikes Back which appears in the back of the odd scene. There’s also an Ewok, a Stormtrooper and a couple of other random Star Wars characters that I don’t know the names of.

The whole thing was made as if it was a play being put on by the Lego cast and even featured them all giving a bow at the end. It was lots of fun to make and my nephews were able to claim part ownership of the video as they made some of the Lego men.