I have some new live videos I’ll be adding to the site soon. One is of my song Postcard, the others are from some recent gigs. I don’t have any new gigs booked in the diary though, for reasons explained below…

When you’re an independent, unsigned musician you find yourself having to do a multitude of different jobs. I currently do all the promotional work for Sugardrum including creating and updating the website, making videos, writing blog posts like this one and booking gigs.

For my last album I did all the recording, mixing and artwork design myself and also organised a mini tour to promote it.

Since becoming a Dad though my time has become limited which is why I don’t have any gigs booked for the foreseeable future - I just don’t have the time to book them.

I’m spending what time I currently have free for music on writing new songs and making recordings. That means less time on the admin side of things. I think it’s the best use of my time at the present.

Now, if someone were to offer me a nice support slot somewhere where I could just turn up and play then I’d jump at the chance to do so. A lovely house gig would be nice too. I love performing unplugged to a large or small appreciative audience. If you can help then please get in touch. Otherwise I’ll see you at the next gig I get a chance to book myself, which may be a while.