hi folks,
welcome to the new blog diary thingy and the new sugardrum site.

Things probably look a bit quiet in the world of sugardrum at the mo', especially on the gig front. We are frantically busy recording tracks for our debut album which doesn't leave much time for much else.

We've re-recorded all the rough demos from our previous eps and recorded some new songs with more still to do. I'm just mixing poppies which now has some rather lush cello on it thanks to Beth from semble.

I'll leave you with a 50 word story that used to be hidden somewhere on a previous incarnation of our website:

"So this is my fate," thought the coffee bean as it watched the thirsty lady through the dim glass of the coffee grinder.
"Ground to powder, drowned to drink. I'll keep her awake ALL night!"
The lady sucked her false teeth with old age desire and switched on the machine.