hi folks,
still busy recording - motorway song, limbo and new songs absence of friends and hut33 nearly finished. The Rhodes piano we have borrowed/stolen from Weston Green is probably one of the most loveliest and most inspirational instruments I have ever played on. We're hoping to go for a mixture of old and new songs on the album - if there's any that you particularly want to see on there then let us know.

here's another random piece of fiction from yours truly written for a competition to win a friend a giant whoopee cushion where the only criteria was to write a love poem for Whoopee Goldberg ;)

I once had a cupboard full of cheese
it smelt rather bad in the summer breeze
I kept it in the garden next to the shed
where a family of field mice made a bed

the legend of my cheesy cupboard spread far and wide
from far far away folks would rise
and greet me in the midday sun
saying "what a splendid cupboard of cheese
may I taste some?"

I soon became famous, a household name
but then I met Whoopie Goldberg and things were never quite the same
she hated my cheesy cupboard, the smell made her ill
so out of true love, I rolled it away down a hill

but it gathered momentum, crushing all beneath
small furry creatures with shiny teeth
ran for their lives as the cheese came rushing down
if only the cheese hadn't been so round

finally it reached a stream and fell crashing in
floating on the waves towards the sea
and to this day I still think of it fondly
and I sometimes cry "if only, if only
I hadn't met Whoopie what would I be now?
would I be a cheesy legend living in a handsome tower?"
but sometimes in life you just have to decide
between a smelly cupboard of cheese and a beautiful bride.