so, Boy meets a nice Girl on the train. Boy and Girl have a nice chat about music, festivals, people getting married too young, blue's gigs etc. Girl is into photography and would like to get involved with doing album covers. Boy suggests Girl get's involved with the whole wupadupa thing as it would be nice to have some non-music artists involved with that. Boy sort of arranges to meet up with Girl sometime.

Boy get's off train all happy and glowing. Then realises that he completely forgot to get any contact details from Girl and only gave her a couple of web addresses to check out, this being one of them.

Boy feels a bit of a plonker.

Boy leaves a message on his band blog in the hope that Girl will contact him at

Boy worries that he'll never hear from nice Girl again and will have to end up writing annoying James Blunt style songs about seeing girls on trains and warbling away about how beautiful they are. Boy shudders at the thought of having to write annoying James Blunt type songs.

Boy starts to wonder if he is going to have lots of James Blunt fans visiting his site after doing searches for James Blunt on Google as he has now mentioned James Blunt four, no five times. Boy wants to assure said fans they've come to the wrong place and should move onto the next site on their list as although Boy doesn't have anything against him personally he doesn't really like his music and to be honest finds it a bit annoying especially that whiny voice and the tunes, lyrics etc

Boy hopes that Girl isn't a James Blunt fan ;)

Boy also leaves a message on said blog saying that he doesn't want any random people contacting him pretending to be Girl as their messages will just go straight to Spam Heaven which is a smelly place full of half eaten tins of Spam and giant rabbits that nibble away at your toes and dribble on your favourite jumper.