my housemate has recently purchased an old Wurlizter electric piano. It's very old and lovely and sounds much like the old and lovely Rhodes piano we used on the recording of sleep talk.

I like it when my housemates buy nice things as it means I get a chance to use the nice things ;)

It's called Wurly although he insists it's not called Wurly and doesn't like anyone calling it Wurly although he doesn't know what else to call it aprt from that "that old keyboard thing that sounds like a Rohdes but isn't one".

If anyone can think of a better name... "Dave", "The Irresistable Plinkityy Plonk machine", "Bernard the Wise" ?? then let us know.

I don't know if anyone noticed but I'm not sure how to spell Rhodes....

...Rodes...Rohdes...Roodhes....Roodles argh!