So, the Amnesty Festival is over for another year, over £3000 was raised for Amnesty International and it was a huge success due to the combined effort of everyone involved.

One of my most favourite moments was the wupadupa house gig. This wasn’t really advertised at all as it wasn’t raising any money for Amnesty International and there was a limit as to how many people we could cram into our living room. Betty and I did a set, followed by the lovely ladies from My Electric Cardigan, then Jono McCleery and his mate who turned up to our house with a Double Bass which Jono jammed on on a couple of my tunes, then finally Ted Humphries rounded off the evening.

It was a fitting end to a day of festival preparation as earlier in the day there had been rehearsals for the sing thing and a craft workshop where various artistic people were producing numerous posters highlighting some of the causes that Amnesty International raises awareness of.

We hope to put on some more wupadupa house gigs soon. If the idea appeals to you and you’d like to hold one at your house then please get in touch. It’s such a great and natural way to go about the whole gig thing, no PA, no scary promoters banging on about how many people you have or haven’t brought to the gig they’ve supposedly promoted for you and no money, just amazing music in an intimate setting with about 30 or so people eagerly listening to the whole thing. And we also got to eat a lot of smelly cheese.... fantastic!