Oops! just realised I haven’t updated my blog in 7 and a half months! You turn your back to do some washing up and make a sandwich and next you know over half a year has passed, there’s a new mayor and winter is just a distant snowy memory.

It seems like only yesterday that I was babbling on about the Amnesty Festival, cheese, house gigs and the future of the bic biro in modern society.

During that time many things have happened in the world of sugardrum - new band members, new songs, a new band that I’ve joined, new homes, new jobs etc...

but you don’t want to know about any of that do you?

You’d much rather see a list of silly band names that came up during the selection of said band that I’ve joined wouldn’t you?

Good, well here’s some of the more sillier ones that never even made it close to the selection table.

- Move like a Mercedes
- Staring at Raymond
- Asparagus Monkey
- Painting the Hoff
- 40ft Biro
- Seven rolls of film
- Gay Tourettes
- Coming at you like Rayban vision

Mmmm, glad we settled on Little Ray :)

sugardrum are going to be hopefully doing some new recordings soon. The current lineup for gigs is myself, nigel on vocals and guitar, the beautiful Danielle on backing vocals and the amazing Matt on violin and electric guitar.