It's been a while since I had some Sugardrum photos taken to use for promotion. The last proper photo session I had was on a cold Winter's day with rapidly fading light in Richmond Park. I was physically shaking it was so cold towards the end. With a new album being released in a couple of months I thought it was time to get some new photos done.

This time I picked a warmer day but with a rainy morning where I was up early running in the London Winter Run 10k in aid of Cancer Research. Once the run was done we rushed back home, showered, changed and made our way to the Thames Chase Forest Centre which is full of beautiful countryside and a "Grade II listed 17th or 18th century elm barn as well as a 19th century stable block". It's a wonderful place run almost entirely by volunteers and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

The rainy weather went away allowing Bradley Beck-Hill to take some amazing photos.

  • Sugardrum in the Autumn
  • Sugardrum in a barn with sunlight
  • Sugardrum in a barn through window
  • Sugardrum rainy day
  • Sugardrum with tall trees
  • Sugardrum walking with moody sky
  • Sugardrum walking with guitar in woods
  • Sugardrum walking with guitar back